Dark Antique Wooden Hangers

Hangers Now UK provide brown, dark brown, vintage and antique style wooden hangers at great prices.  All manufactured with attention to detail and using high quality, strong beautiful brown wood. 

The vintage and antique hanger collection are available in many colours including: natural brown, light brown, dark brown, black, vintage style, dark antique and light antique wood. 

Discover the latest trends for your wardrobe with our brown wooden hanger styles. They include brown coat wooden hangers, suit hangers, jackets, dress, skirt, tops, bottoms, knitwear, adults, childrens, kids, padded, nonslip, laminated, multipurpose, designer, luxury, premium and bespoke personalised wooden hangers. Ideal as personal, hotel, boutique and retail hangers.

LOW PRICES! You can make savings and purchase brown antique hangers in multipack quantities from 10 to 1,000. With over 20 years of wooden hanger design and manufacturing expertise, we are sure to have what you need at the price you can afford.  Shop with confidence. Please contact us for larger quantities.

Antique Wide Suit 44.5cm 'Dark Ash' Hanger

Code: HOL8300AB
Size: 44.5*6cm
Price From:
£5.20 each

Antique Round Neck Top 44.5cm 'Dark Ash'

Code: HOL661AB
Size: 44.5*1.2cm
Price From:
£2.00 each

Antique Wide Suit 38cm 'Dark Ash' Hanger

Code: HOL8300AB-38
Size: 38*6cm
Price From:
£5.16 each

Antique Round Neck Top 38cm 'Dark Ash'

Code: HOL661AB-38
Size: 38*1.2cm
Price From:
£2.00 each

Antique Angle Neck Top 44.5cm 'Dark Ash'

Code: HOLT661AB
Size: 44.5*1.2cm
Price From:
£2.36 each

Antique Angle Neck Top 40cm 'Dark Ash'

Code: HOLT661AB-40
Size: 40cm
Price From:
£2.32 each

Antique Clip 35cm 'Dark Ash' Hanger

Code: HOL5317AB
Size: 35*1.2cm
Price From:
£2.50 each

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