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Bespoke Hangers

Hangers Now supply bespoke hanger services including printing, embossed and engraved hanger services in small and large quantities. We provide personalised bespoke hangers for businesses, hotels, boutiques and retail shops.

Personalise your hangers with your brand name or logo printed, embossed or engraved on it or a choice or wooden or plastic hangers at a price and quanity right for you.


We design, produce and market a large range of high quality, custom and handmade clothing hangers. All our bespoke and personalised products come in various finishes including printing, embossing and engraving on the hanger of your choice.

Our personalisation and bespoke hanger range include: bespoke coat hangers, suit, bespoke dress hangers, skirt, top/bottom, trouser, bespoke childrens & kids hangers, multi-purpose hangers, bespoke wooden hangers and personalised plastic hangers. 

We are one of the leading Bespoke Hanger Suppliers in the UK as we continue to combine our ability to meet customer expectations on quality, availability, price point and providing fast UK and worldwide delivery.


Bespoke Hangers: You can personalise your hangers by getting your logo engraved or printed on it.

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