Natural Wood Hangers

Our Natural Wood Hangers are carefully selected to provide quality and service. With our proud boast of over 20 years of hanger expertise, we have the experience to find the perfect product for your wooden hanger needs at affordable and competitive prices.

Natural Wood Suit and Jacket Hanger

Code: HOL8300N
Size: 44.5cm
Price From:
£2.00 each

Natural Wood Top Hanger

Code: HOL661N
Size: 44.5cm
Price From:
£0.75 each


Code: HOL3013N
Size: 44.5CM
Price From:
£0.80 each

Original Clip 35cm 'Natural Gloss' Hanger

Code: HOL5317N
Size: 35cm
Price From:
£1.25 each

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